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Nurse Talking to Patient

Nurse Call

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Nurse call systems are an integral part of patient treatment and care. The systems alert nursing regarding patient needs and emergent situation. A call button or cord can be found in hospitals and nursing homes, at places where patients are at their most vulnerable, such as beside their bed and in the bathroom.

The call button provides the following benefits to patients:

  • Enables a patient who is confined to bed and has no other way of communicating with staff to alert a nurse of the need for any type of assistance

  • Enables a patient who is able to get out of bed, but for whom this may be hazardous, exhausting, or otherwise difficult to alert a nurse of the need for any type of assistance

  • Provides the patient an increased sense of security

Initiated by patients or staff from any location with a “room station,” such as the patient’s bedside, bathrooms, or showers, as well as utility rooms and other areas. The call button can also be used by a health care staff member already with the patient to call for another when such assistance is needed, or by visitors to call for help on behalf of the patient.

Nurse call systems can be easily installed with minimal disruption to patients/residents, while also being simple to use for staff as well.

System types include:


The most basic system has nothing more than a button for the patient. When the button is pressed, nursing staff is alerted by a light and/or an audible sound at the nurse's station. This can only be turned off from the patient's bedside, thereby compelling staff to respond to the patient.


Like hardwired systems, wireless types have the ability to alert nursing staff by sound, light or show messages in a terminal. An advantage is that there is less wiring during installation and reducing the costs. The dome lights in the hallway still usually require wiring for power.


In some facilities, often in hospitals, a more advanced system is included, in which staff from the nurse's station can communicate directly with patients via an intercom. This has the advantage in which staff do not need to waste time walking to the patient's room to determine the reason the patient made the call, and they can determine by speaking to the patient whether the situation is urgent or if it can wait until later.

Phone alerts

Newer technology allows call buttons to reach mobile phone-like devices carried around by nursing staff. Staff can then answer the calls from wherever they are located within the facility, thereby improving the speed and efficiency in the response.

For more information on Nurse Call Systems, please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

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