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Thermal Imaging

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With the outbreak in 2020 with the Covid-19 virus (Corona Virus) causing a huge impact on how we live and work, measures have been taken to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Using Thermal Technology and Thermographic cameras we can use this technology to detect temperatures on any object/person that has a heat signature.


What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is a technology used to detect heat and translate it to a visible light, any object or person that has a temperature above absolute zero has a heat signature and can be detected by an infrared camera and converted into a visible image. The interplay of heat being absorbed, reflected, and sometimes even transmitted is what thermal imaging cameras capture and evaluate.


Fever Screening.

Temperature Screening Thermographic cameras designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures will give early detection of people who are exhibiting symptoms entering into the workplace, schools and other public places.


How we can help.

Clayton Fire and Security are now helping businesses get back to work with the introduction of Thermographic cameras and Thermal Imaging technology, installing these cameras in your businesses and schools with the capability of automatically detecting if a person entering has a higher (than normal) body temperature. This could be an indication that they are carrying a virus and seek a medical professional and reduce the risk of spread.


If you would like to know more or are interesting in installing Thermographic cameras in your business or schools,

then please get in touch with us via or 0330 353 0070.

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